March 2, 2021 All Call

All Call

Hello Families,

Two items for you this evening:  

  1. O. H. Somers’ bus routes

  2. Staff vaccination second dose remote dates 

Bus routes are expanding and are specific to O.H. Somers' students.   Please sign up on by clicking on the image of the bus by noon on Thursday.  Verify your eligibility by clicking on “No Bus Zone Map.”  Once we have the stops ready the list of routes will be on the district website and sent through the all email with Principal Isabella; an all call will broadcast the evening before the new routes start.  Students will continue to be required to wear a mask while on the bus.  

On Friday, March 12th students will have a remote Zoom day and on Monday, March 15th they will have a remote Google Classroom day.  From talks with the health department there should be no need for additional remote days.  The online calendar shows this change.  

We thank you for helping make this school year seem as typical as possible and appreciate your flexibility with the final two remote days needed.  

Talk soon,

John Knapp 


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