September 7, 2021 All Call

All Call

Hello Families,

A fourth and a sixth grade teacher have tested positive for COVID-19.  In learning about the situation we found that consistent masking protocols by the 4th grade teacher and distancing by the sixth grade teacher along with classroom measures of air exchange, student distancing, and surface cleaning hopefully prevented spread to students.  No students are quarantined at this time, however families are asked to monitor their children for any symptoms consistent with COVID-19. 

We continue to follow the health department who strongly recommend the wearing of masks, vaccinating, distancing, and practicing hygiene guidelines.  If students k-12 decide to wear masks indoors as a strategy to prevent quarantine of students and staff and interruption of sports would be helpful. 

Thank you for your assistance in keeping the students attending and staff working.  

Take care,

John Knapp 


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