Black background, white text: Pandemonium

Green Door Theatre Presents:

Pandemonium by J.D. Atkins 

Thursday, November 17 @ 7:00 

Friday, Nov 18 @ 7:00

Saturday, Nov 19 @ 2:00

Tuesday, Nov 22 @ 7:00

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Who killed Zeus? That is the question that private detective Minerva Owler is trying to answer in modern day New York City. The Greek gods live incognito among the mortals, but when Zeus is murdered by one of their own, it is up to the goddess of wisdom, Minerva, to find out who is behind the betrayal. With the help of her Olympian siblings––the EMT Mercury and Sergeant Mars of the NYPD––Minerva leads the investigation, but it may already be too late. Only the world's wisest detective stands a chance at finding the traitor in time to stop the coming of Pandemonium.